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Keep Your PSP Discs Clean And Pristine!

MAX TV's MaxCare UMD Cleaner safely cleans your games and movies, and prevents dust deposits from damaging to your console…


October 18th, 2005 - Dirty discs can damage consoles, so PSP gamers need the MaxCare UMD Cleaner. The MaxCare UMD Cleaner cleans your UMD discs thoroughly and safely, and also repairs scratched PSP UMDs. In fact, it's the greatest PSP disc cleaner around!

If you need to clean your PSP game or clean a PSP movie, MaxCare UMD Cleaner is for you. It's easy to use. Just slot it into the unit, which is powered buy batteries or your main PSP power lead, and press a button. It's as simple as that!

MaxCare UMD Cleaner and scratch repairer cleans away mucky fingerprints, fixes minor scratches and generally gets your PSP games and movies into tip-top shape. This not only prevents the discs from sticking or misreading when in use, but it also prevents potential damage to your PSP itself. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the disc and damage your console's inner workings, but MaxCare UMD Cleaner keeps them pristine clean!

  • Includes cleaning unit, cleaning fluid and two special cleaning pads.
  • Powered either by batteries or your PSP mains power lead.
  • Easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly

MaxCare UMD Cleaner is out now, and costs a mere £14.00, + £2.95 p+p. For more information, head for, or just switch on your television and go straight to Sky Digital Channel 669!

Note for Editors:

For more information on MAX TV, and all products from Datel, please contact Ian Osborne on 01785 810816, or email

About MAX TV:

Launched in 2005, MAX TV is a great new shopping channel found on Sky Digital 669. There's no boring kitchenware and tacky jewelry on offer here. MAX TV caters 100% for anyone with a passion for games and gadgets. From MP3 players to mini-motorbikes, from Action Replay to Atari Arcade Sticks, you'll find it all at MAX TV!

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