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Games Publisher Also Highlights Fall Lineup Including Gone Fishing, Backgammon, Dominoes, Chess and Checkers

CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, Booth #125, San Francisco and San Mateo, CA ­ October 27, 2004 ­ Mobile entertainment publisher Kayak Interactive today introduced Pinball Panic! and PubPool Online as the latest titles in their rapidly expanding catalogue of community games for mobile phone handsets. During the CTIA show, Kayak challenges attendees to visit the Kayak booth and play the games against others to see just how much fun community games can be.

Each of these interactive titles includes a number of community features, which bring players together before, during and after the game. Competitors can be in the same room or on the other side of the globe, connected through the mobile phone networks.

All of the titles can be played and enjoyed on phones using the GSM standard running Java and CDMA handsets featuring the BREW technology. The games will be published worldwide on Kayak, through leading mobile network carriers and top-tier portals.

Pinball Panic!

Created by Morpheme, an acknowledged leader in the mobile development sector, Pinball Panic! is the first major advance in pinball for almost 70 years, taking the simple addictive gameplay and bringing it up to date for the 21st century. Players compete to send their pinballs through worm-holes to another player's table. Up to four players can compete simultaneously via bluetooth or through mobile networks. Kayak has added new innovations such as offense and defense, timed play, and race-to-the-finish scoring to this hugely popular game.

PubPool Online

Pub Pool Online is based on IOMO's chart-topping Pub Pool game, which has made the # 1 spot on operators and mobile carriers the world over. While players compete in 9-ball pool, they can move the cue ball, judge the shot, decide how much angle to apply and how hard the ball has to be hit, just as they would in real life. The gameplay and controls of PubPool have been praised by reviewers for their simplicity and feel. Players can find their buddies by looking at their Friends List, challenge them to play and chat with them during the game.

Family Fun Games - Backgammon, Dominoes, Chess and Checkers

Kayak Interactive brings these classic board games to mobile phones, but with a twist: you are no longer tied to a board or to finding friends or family to play. Now you can compete with players all over the world at any time ­ anywhere. Each of the four games is capable of single and multi-player games, chat, challenges and player rankings. An example of this new format is chess. Rather than just playing one person and waiting for him or her to make a move, you can challenge other people on up to five separate boards.

About Kayak Interactive

Kayak Interactive is a global publisher of mobile games with a focus on broadening the market for mobile games through the design and delivery of active game communities. Built by the world's best studios, each Kayak game can include a rich community player experience based on the company's Kayak LiveTM Game Service. The company is led by veterans in their respective fields of mobile games, marketing, network and data center operations and technology. Kayak was founded in 2003 with funding led by VantagePoint Venture Partners and TL Ventures. For more information, please visit

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