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Kavelon MMORPG under development

Kavelon MMORPG under development

31 March 2006 - Moscow - NIKITA and A-GAMES announce development of a new browser-based massively multiplayer online role-play game, Kavelon. This major fantasy project will add to the line of browser-based games from NIKITA Company.

The game action is set in a fantasy world resembling the late Middle Ages. A magic blast hailed down a curse on the lands of Kavelon. The Empire that had survived numerous racial infightings turned into ruins in one moment. Time has come for a New Era - and new power struggle at the same time. Dwarfs and humans, elves and ogres - all races inhabiting Kavelon have come into conflict giving rise to global race war.

Kavelon has absorbed all the best from client multiplayer online role-play projects. The game features a developed role system with a number of classes, an atmospheric game universe, an extended structure of quests and missions for the character, and multiple ways of interaction between players. In the world of Kavelon the user is free to pick up a race which will further influence relations with other classes of players. Dozens of types of weapons and armour, great magical potential and even the reputation of the game character will help the player survive the war and, maybe, even gain control of the Empire. Kavelon's user friendly interface and special statistics system enable one to join the game process and keep track of one's actions during the game quite easily.

Kavelon does not require an install on your hard drive. To start playing, the user just needs to go through the registration procedure on the official website of the game, learn the main rules and create a game character.

For more details about the Kavelon game, please visit NIKITA's stand at the Games Developers Conference 2006.

A-Games is a game studio which focuses on developing advertising and multiplayer online games. It was established on 19 February 2004. Since its creation the company has always aimed at developing projects that involve state-of-the-art web technologies and platforms giving access to new opportunities in online games.

NIKITA company is the first Russian creator of computer games and a leading provider of mobile services. It was incorporated on October, 14, 1991. Since that time Company's scope of activity has increased: it develops computer games, translates foreign games into Russian, provides mobile services and publishes on-line magazine for young people. Nowadays more than 150 professionals in Company's stuff are engaged in three main fields. They:

  • Create and license games for PCs
  • Develop and provide additional leisure services build around MMS, WAP, GPRS, SMS, J2ME technologies to users of mobile service
  • Publish on-line magazine for young people "SMS-Life".
  • By now the Company has created more than 100 games of different kinds and genres and adapted more than 50 foreign projects for Russian market.

NIKITA does its best to offer services build around the most up-to-date techniques and methods providing access to most advanced solutions in the world of computer and cellular entertainments.

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