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Kato Studios Launches Movistar Sailing, The First Mobile Sailing Game In The World

Madrid, Spain - May 10th 2005: Kato Studios, the leading developer and publisher of mobile games in Spain in terms of innovation and creativity, has developed Movistar Sailing, the first mobile sailing game in the world.

Movistar is participating in the 2005 edition of the world famous Volvo Ocean Race and to celebrate the event, Spain's leading carrier will launch this game in emocion, the content portal of movistar (Movistar Sailing is available in emoción>>Videojuegos).

In Movistar Sailing the player will sail around the world through the most realistic and diverse sceneries, following the same route the sailing teams will be taking in the real competition (Cape Town, Melbourne, Wellington, Rio de Janeiro, Baltimore, New York, Portsmouth, Rotterdam and Gothemburg).

The player must beat the other boats participating in the race while defeating numerous weather and geographical adversities. Weather conditions may vary from tropical storms to equatorial doldrums to arctic typhoons. Plenty geographical accidents might get in the way, from sandbanks to reefs to icebergs.

When sailing, the player may visualize what the route is like, with its geographical accidents and the weather forecasts. He may also have full control at all times of his/her position, speed and the state of the boat and crew.

The player must maintain the boat in optimum conditions, assigning trade-off points to the crew skills, the hull and/or the canvas, which will affect the boat's speed and resistance.

This easy-to-play game comes in a pack that includes a tutorial and the nine different phases of the game, plus additional port races that may be downloaded separately as the real race evolves. Rankings and online competitions will add up to the excitement of the game experience.

This sailing game is available for customization for operators and partners in territories outside of Spain and Latin America.

Kato Studios is based in Madrid, Spain. Their product philosophy is to limit their catalogue to high quality games that deliver a little extra something in terms of creativity, storyline, playability, features and graphics.

Flexibility is their norm, and therefore their games are available in Java, Doja and Brew and in all major languages (English, Spanish, German, French, among others) for the widest amount of handsets.

Some of their titles include Marca Grand Prix, the most realistic car racing game in the market, that has been custom-made for Spain's number one sports media conglomerate; the Ibiza Game, the first really cool game for casual gamers looking for quick and easy entertainment; 3D Minigolf, the first 3D minigolf game that runs in the most popular handsets, among other original mobile games that cater to different target groups and tastes.

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Kato Studios - +34 91 768 08 57

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