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Ketchup-bottling action from the makers of smackBots.

For Immediate Release

December 2, 2009

PITTSBURGH, PA – LeftRight Studios, developer behind the popular and addictive smackBots, has recently launched its new iPhone game, KatchUp, in the App Store. KatchUp offers players a chance to test their skill at managing the conveyor belts at their own ketchup bottling facility.

Gameplay revolves around the time-management system in which players attempt to bottle their ketchup while keeping pace with the conveyor belts and making sure to avoid any mishaps when strange items make their way towards the ketchup vat. Players will flick items like televisions, rubber ducks, some familiar smackBots heads and more off the belts to keep the factory in good working order. How’d they get there? We’re not sure – but keep them out of the ketchup! Luckily, the physics engine will help make sure you grab items realistically and keep on bottling.

When the ketchup vat is full players will flick a lever and start a second conveyor belt that triggers the bottling process. Players will move the dispenser left and right while keeping pace with the speed of bottles as they pass. Filling as many bottles as possible is the goal of any worthy ketchup tycoon.

The experienced player will notice that it takes both hands and serious dedication to bottle with the best of them. Try using your left hand to engage the dispenser, and your right hand to slide it along the belt – just consider that a tip from some ketchup bottling experts.

KatchUp doesn’t only propose players keep bottling until they’ve become the greatest ketchup tycoon of them all, but it also allows them to share their bottling savvy on social networks like Twitter. Players can tweet their bottling record in-game, and challenge friends and followers to take their turn at KatchUp.

KatchUp is now available on the App Store for a limited engagement, introductory half-off price of $0.99. This is a preview release period, so grab the game while you can. Watch the trailer to see a ketchup tycoon in action, and don’t forget to post your KatchUp scores to see where you stack up against a sea of bottlers. Ready? Bottle… or get canned!

Find KatchUp here (iTunes link)

LeftRight Studios: LeftRight Studios is reinventing the mobile experience through engaging content on emerging platforms. LeftRight Studios is a mobile application developer crafting games and applications that connect consumers with the brands that they know and love. Founded in 2009 through the Innovation Works Alpha Lab Tech Incubator Program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, LeftRight Studios is helmed by professionals dedicated to providing a better platform of tools for brands to interact with their users, as well as a compelling suite of applications and games that users can enjoy. The team is comprised of creative thinkers, technology experts, cutting-edge designers and savvy marketers.

LeftRight Studio’s first title, smackBots, was released in June 2009, and they have since expanded their game to include multiplayer capabilities and online leaderboards. Like they have offered within smackBots, it is the goal of LeftRight Studios to connect their users through socially empowered features and networks that offer the greatest possible mobile content experience. More information on LeftRight Studios can be found at


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