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Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World

Interstellar point-and-click adventure from Croatia available for PC/Mac download now and iPhone next month.

In an alternate reality Kaptain Brawe invites us to an interstellar adventure of epic proportions. Life in the universe can really take it out of you: as if it weren't enough trouble hunting down galactic pirates on a daily basis, now two alien scientists have to be rescued from captivity. And even though the biggest conspiracy in the history of space travel is blamed on Kaptain Brawe too, he's not put off by that at all and eagerly jumps at the chance of even more adventure.

In "Kaptain Brawe - A Brawe New World" players take control of, amongst others, Kaptain Brawe himself, whose duties as a proud member of the Space Police include maintaining peace and order in the universe.

Instead of relying on a modern spaceship, Brawe prefers traveling the galaxy in a custom built star speedster of his own. With his crew consisting only of his helmsman and his wooden robot Rowboat, Brawe has to survive many exciting adventures using his wits rather than any kind of modern equipment.

Kaptain Brawe is a classic, colorful point & click adventure. With its unusual and humorous story, challenging puzzles and intuitive controls the game will particularly appeal to seasoned players and take them on a trip down memory lane to the "good old days" of adventure gaming. But thanks to the challenging game play of "Kaptain Brawe – A Brawe New World", younger players will love it just as much.

Experience four unique planets full of bizarre surprises and details. Prepare yourself for encounters with space pirates, secretive secret agents and the interstellar government.

Kaptain Brawe – A Brawe New World is now available via various download platforms for PC and Mac. The HD iPhone and iPad version will hit the Appstore in early December 2010.


The PC and Mac demoversion of Kaptain Brawe – A Brawe New World is now available on the official homepage www.kaptainbrawe.cateia.com.

Kaptain Brawe – received the Gold Award from Gamersdailynews.com

Quote: “Kaptain Brawe deserves your attention. Well maybe not him, but the game. This is both a classic point-and-click adventure and an entertaining gameplay experience, a perfect combination. That’s what we like to see in this type of game. The only thing that makes this game better would be voice acting. Still, GOLD!”

About Cateia Games

Cateia Games is a development and publishing studio from Croatia, a small central European country, working on premium quality video-games for PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Over the past six years Cateia Games has developed and published numerous games world-wide. For more information please visit http://www.cateia.com/


Digital Distribution of Kaptain Brawe – A Brawe New World is managed by LAYERNET www.layernet.de. Inquiries concerning Digital Distribution of the game please send to mail@layernet.de.

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