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Kaotik Puzzle

Block-arranging action puzzler launched on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Game Videos:


Kaos mode gameplay:

One-block-cursor game play:

One-block-cursor games play (2);

Two-block-cursor gameplay:

Six-block-cursor gameplay:

For-block-cursor gameplay:

Game screenshots:úblico/

Game Description:

Kaotik puzzle is an action-puzzle videogame for up to two players versus, in which you win by filling your opponent screen with blocks. You will receive blocks from your opponent. When there is no free space in you screen you lose. You can defend yourself by arranging the blocks to make them disappear, so you make more free space. When you make disappear your blocks creating chain reactions, you will send attacks to your opponent.

When you start the game, you have to select one of the six characters available. Each character makes the game different, by changing the kind of cursor, the kind of attack and the way you have to arrange the blocks to make them disappear.

Game rules:

Each player has a screen make of 6 x 12 empty spaces. In the screen, colored blocks appear from the bottom to the top. By arranging the blocks on a certain way (depending of the character), the blocks disappear, and the blocks in a higher place will fall down. If the player doesn’t make disappear the blocks fast enough, the screen will be full of blocks and the player will lose.

When a player makes disappear at the same time, more blocks than strictly necessary (called combo) the extra blocks will be send to the opponent screen in a way of garbage blocks. The kind of garbage blocks is different based on the character the player is using.

When the player makes disappear the blocks, and the higher blocks fall in an arranged way, those will disappear too, making a chain reaction, which send garbage blocks to the opponent in a higher quantity than a combo.

About characters:

Six characters are available in Kaotik Puzzle. They are designed in a nice and friendly way. Each character is a set of a kind of cursor (the tool you use to move the blocks), a way of arranging the blocks (how you have to arrange the blocks to make them disappear), and a kind of garbage blocks (the kind of attack you will send to your opponent).

The characters are the Cyborg, the Ninja, the Gangster, the Scientist and the Cowboy.

About cursors:

There are 5 different cursors:

- One block cursor:

When the player uses this cursor, it can exchange the block on the cursor with the one just on the left, right, higher or lower block.

- One block cursor (picking):

This cursor allows the player to pick a block and carry it on the cursor to any other place. When you pick another block, it will be exchanged with the one you are carrying.

- Two blocks cursor:

It allows the player to exchange the block in the left side of the cursor with the one in the right side.

- For blocks cursor:

It allows the player to rotate the four blocks on the cursor in clock-wise or counter-clock-wise.

- Six block cursor:

It moves the six blocks on the cursor (the whole row) to the left or to the right. The block on the last place will appear on the first place.

About the game type (or the way to arrange the blocks):

To make disappear the blocks you have to arrange the blocks depending on what character the player has chosen. The game types of the characters are three connected (in any direction), three in a line, and four connected. When you a playing in two players versus, you can freely choose from nine different ways.

About the attacks (or garbage blocks):

There are six different garbage blocks, one for each character.

- Unknown color block:

They are gray blocks with an interrogation symbol. After some seconds, they become normal blocks. The stronger the attack is the longer will stay in gray.

- Bombs:

They are shiny back balls that bother and fill the opponent screen. A bomb disappears when a normal block disappears next to it.

- Stronger bombs:

They look like the normal bombs, but more shiny. When normal block disappear next to a strong bomb, the bomb becomes a normal bomb. Basically the stronger bombs are like bombs the twice harder to make then disappear.

- Discs:

Discs are like the normal blocks but in a circle shape. They won’t disappear if they are in the disc shape. When a normal block disappears next to a disk, the disk becomes a block.

- Numbered blocks:

They are black blocks with a colored number inside. When a normal block disappears any place on the screen, the number on the block decreases. When the number gets to zero, it becomes a normal block.

- Time bombs:

These bombs have a timer that looks like some marks filling a circle. When the timer is full, the bomb explodes, leaving nine normal bombs. You can “dissemble” the bomb by making disappear normal blocks next to it. When that happens, the bomb gets kicked out of the screen.

About Silvermax:

Silvermax is the name of a one-man independent game development studio run by Silvino Esquiva. Silvermax creates and publish videogames for the Xbox 360 console available via the Xbox Live Indie Channel. Silvermax is based in Elche, Alicante (Spain).


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