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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

So crime does pay? Where do I sign up?

One thing is for sure - crime definitely pays.

To date more than 27 billion dollars have been stolen through successful heists. That’s approximately 161 million dollars laundered every hour.

Or in real world numbers, 27 billion dollars is equivalent to JP Morgan’s 2009 annual staff compensation.

Who says the big money lies in hedge funds?

Get rich quick schemes always come at a high risk, though. More than 116,000 players were killed in the act of pulling-off a heist. More staggering is the fact that only 8,000 of those kills were made by undercover cops. This means the vast majority of players share a common characteristic with gaming’s two most notorious criminals – you’re all a bloody bunch of untrustworthy crooks!

And for that, IO love’s you.

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