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Kalypso Media today tossed its mortarboard skywards to cheer the announcement of lifesim title Campus, for PC this October. Combining elements from RPG and adventure genres, Campus takes us back (or forwards) to the heady days spent walking the university halls, and stops to buy us all a pint in the union on the way back.

Players begin their university careers in merry ol' England as a humble 'fresher', but will travel across the globe, throughout the course of the game, to a variety of countries to complete their education. Picking up friends along the way is key to furthering your objectives and helping you deal with problems encountered on the way. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve a career in science, but the pace of this game is very much up to the player.

Using a mission-based structure, Campus follows a wider story line where a nefarious corporation has devious designs that only the player can foil. As a lifesim title, this can be pursued at the player's leisure with other objectives to be achieved, from more day-to-day living tasks to more lofty ambitions such as winning the Nobel Prize no less.

Campus offers a unique twist on the lifesim genre to appeal to gamers of all ages, whether or not you've lived on campus! To find out more and to see some exclusive images of the game click here:

Campus will be published by Kalypso Media this October for PC, priced £19.99

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