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Kalypso Media To Bring Theatre Of War To PC This October

Kalypso Media today issued a call to arms to all budding armchair generals with the announcement of Theatre of War for PC this October. In a crowded RTS market, Theatre of War distinguishes itself from the pack by offering a strong emphasis on realism, historical accuracy and real world military tactics. Those seeking a Rambo-esque experience should look elsewhere, discipline and tactical nous are the order of the day to see this one through to the final act.

Developer Battlefront.com has undertaken painstaking research into shell ballistics, advanced damage effects and even specifics such as armour penetration calculations to bring a truly authentic battlefield experience. Such a level of detail, in a strategy title of this kind, allows players to immerse themselves in the command of a wide variety of units, uniforms, vehicles and military hardware in the knowledge that every decision made will affect the battle's outcome.

Spanning six World War II campaigns, players have the choice of fighting through the eyes of American, British, Russian, German, French or Polish commanders across over forty missions based on real WWII battles, be they on the shell-scarred plains of Poland, the bullet-riddled beaches of France or the frozen tundra of the Soviet Empire's eastern reaches. In addition, the UK release exclusively features the Battle for Moscow expansion pack, featuring a further 10 mission Russian campaign, as well as a full map editor to draw up and wage war on your own battlefields.

As the Nazis found out to their peril, weather can have a devastating effect on even the best-laid plans. Theatre of War demands players make allowances for similar contingency with all four seasons incorporated, each with its own effect on proceedings on the front line.

Theatre of War offers a thinking man's WWII strategy experience for the RTS fan looking for more than just big guns and a lot of whizz-bang. To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail, and such a mentality must be central to your plans if you are to march victorious through the streets of Berlin or else face your final curtain!

Kalypso will be at Leipzig GC '07, Hall 1 J39, with a number of titles on show. Theatre of War will be published by Kalypso Media for PC this October, priced £29.99

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