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Kalos War

Closed beta test applications invited for browser-based fantasy RPG.

Siegburg, Germany, June 21st 2010 – FIAA GmbH, a European free-to-play online game publisher, announced that the registration for CBT of the new browser-based free fantasyRPG ‘Kalos War’ just opened at

To celebrate this moment, FIAA GmbH is hosting a special CBT event. The 5 top-ranked players will be awarded with an Apple iPod Touch (32GB), a 24” TFT LCD monitor or one of three external HDDs (500GB). Additionally, 10 randomly selected lucky ones will receive a €10 Paysafe Card. All players, who participate in the CBT, will be rewarded with the limited ‘Distinguished Service Medal’ which will be displayed on their character window.

In this 1st chapter of the game, players can customize their character to be unique by choosing one of the five elements – fire, water, wind, earth or lightning – and one of 28 jobs starting with Knight, Archer, Thief or Magician. The EXP-Points, earned through hunting monsters, completing quests or being blessed, can be transferred to the character’s Stat-Points in order to set the basic stats - strength, stamina, intelligence, willpower, agility and luck.

Amazing content awaits the players, such as hidden stores and dungeons or ‘Bounty Hunting’, which enables players to challenge and fight other players for more experience, more money and more fame. A long time has passed since you were last fascinated by a game? Join Kalos War CBT and enter a fascinating world of adventures and battles, in which only the strong and witty survive!

About Kalos War

Developed and published by FIAA GmbH, Kalos War is a free, browser-based fantasy RPG that features 28 jobs, 5 elements, a bounty hunting system, and an item upgrade system along with other unique systems and incredible graphics. It consists of various chapters, with the first one starting its CBT on July 8th.

About FIAA GmbH

Fiaa GmbH, with its headquarters located in Germany, is focusing on the growing sector of online games. The company licenses, operates and distributes different online games in Europe and worldwide. Its proprietary company AlanBridge Co. Ltd, based in Korea, develops and distributes online games. Website:

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