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Kalos War

Closed beta begins next Thursday.

Siegburg, Germany, June 29th 2010

“……Last of all, Human Beings slowly began to emerge. The first human beings did not display anything unique that might indicate their upcoming preeminence. Their life expectancy was short, and they were not as great as the Dwarves in strength. They were considered to be lower than the lowest race, especially in the mind of the Elves.”

It was said that Humanity was the last race for ‘Xian’ to worry about when he raised his flag against the highest heaven and begun the war against the Allied Forces of Elves, Dwarves and Humans. However, they proved at the famous Hasp River Battle that they had developed themselves and overcome their weakness, and finally, the Allied Forces were reunited around the humans, preparing to deal the final blow to ‘Xian’……

You can find the rest of the story of ‘Kalos War - Chapter 1’ or rather participate yourself by taking your 1st step earlier than anyone and applying for the CBT at The CBT will start at 07:00 AM (GMT), July 8th, and players will have the chance to win an Apple iPod Touch (32GB), a 24” TFT LCD monitor, one of three external HDDs (500GB), or a €10 Paysafe Card. Additionally, all players will be rewarded with the limited ‘Distinguished Service Medal’ which will be displayed on their character window!

About Kalos War

Developed and published by FIAA GmbH, Kalos War is a free, browser-based fantasy RPG that features 28 jobs, 5 elements, a bounty hunting system, and an item upgrade system along with other unique systems and incredible graphics. It consists of various chapters, with the first one starting its CBT at 07:00 AM (GMT), July 8th.

About FIAA GmbH

Fiaa GmbH, with its headquarters located in Germany, is focusing on the growing sector of online games. The company licenses, operates and distributes different online games in Europe and worldwide. Its proprietary company AlanBridge Co. Ltd, based in Korea, develops and distributes online games. Website:

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