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Kalos War

Closed beta applications invited for free browser-based fantasy RPG; iPod touch, monitor and other goodies to be won.

Siegburg, Germany, June 14th 2010 - FIAA GmbH, a European online game publisher, is pleased to announce the Closed Beta Test of their 1st free browser-based fantasy RPG ‘Kalos War - Chapter 1: The Beginning of Adventures’. The application for CBT starts from June 14th, 07:00 AM (GMT), at http://fiaa.eu.

In this chapter, players will take their first steps into a fascinating world of adventures before facing harsh, yet exciting battles and quests in chapters to come. The game starts by letting players choose one of the five elements – fire, water, wind, earth and lightning, which will characterize their attack and defense tendencies – and take on their first job as a Knight, Archer, Thief or Magician, which will lead to following 24 different jobs.

Completing quests by hunting monsters and exploring fields is really important, as it is in other RPGs, but don’t be surprised and get tensed up when you happen to meet the unexpected Witch’s Secret Store, Forbidden Convent, Golden Place, Lake of Mystery, etc. all of a sudden. You can find those hidden stores and dungeons only by accident while hunting monsters or wandering fields time to time. Don’t bother trying to find out the way by yourself, because there has been no one who succeeded in finding it out so far.

There is no time to relax. Some mean criminals will increase the tension even more. Those criminals will suddenly jump out, knock you down, and rob your items and money without any reason. So better watch out! Put them on the Wanted Ones list and let the bounty-hunters do the job for you. Or become the bounty-hunter yourself, do the revenge, and get your rank up. What else can you do to protect yourself? You should not be lazy to improve yourself not only by completing quests and hunting many monsters, but also by upgrading your weapons and armors.

On June 14th07:00 Am (GMT), registration for the Closed Beta Test in early-July will open at http://fiaa.eu. Players participating in the Closed Beta Testing will be able to experience the whole content of the game with higher speed than actual release version of the game. The participants will be awarded a Distinguished Service Medal and also have the chance to win an iPod Touch 32GB, a 22'' TFT LCD monitor, external HDDs or one of 10 Paysafe cards with 10 Euro credit.

About Kalos War

Developed and published by FIAA GmbH, Kalos War is a free, browser-based fantasy RPG that features 28 jobs, 5 elements, a bounty hunting system, and an item upgrade system along with other unique systems and incredible graphics. It consists of various chapters, and the first Chapter will have its Closed Beta Test in early-July.

About FIAA GmbH

Fiaa GmbH, with its headquarters located in Germany, is focusing on the growing sector of online games. The company licenses, operates and distributes different online games in Europe and worldwide. Its proprietary company AlanBridge Co. Ltd, based in Korea, develops and distributes online games. Website: http://fiaa.eu

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