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Kal Online

Love can blossom, even in MMORPGs.

KalOnline the Korean fantasy is one of the MMORPGs that Inixsoft has developed and is providing on-line game service to people of about 220 countries.

Recently, a short movie describing the real process from the in-game contacts of a young couple, a Polish man and a Singaporean woman playing KalOnline together, to their intermarriage came up among KalOnline players as an in-game love story like a dreamy fairy tale. This movie is now on YouTube.


The launch of GSP(Global Service Platform) project of KalOnline on 2004 provided them with the first in-game meeting. One day of the next year’s Christmas holidays, they met in real life and thereafter kept getting in touch with each other in KalOnline confirming their heart from time to time. At last their love came to fruition by the two KalOnline lovers getting married on 2007.

Global service of KalOnline has helped people throughout the world to form and develop their own community, in conclusion, its service put a stepping-stone for the two players to tied a nuptial knot.

“The global service of KalOnline has provided our users not merely with the ground of game play, but also diverse sorts of community in which any people throughout the world can make friends with one another in the cyber space.”, said one of the KalOnline staff.

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