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Kal Online

Korean MMORPG gets new three-way "Triangular BattleField".

Seoul, Korea based online game publisher INixsoft announced that MMORPG KALONLINE updated a large -scale battle content in the game named “Triangular Battle Field”.

To give an outline of Triangular Battle, each of the three teams, human team, Doggebi team and Demon team, holds 100 members respectively and the maximum number of participants comes to 300 players.

Monday through Friday, Triangular Battle takes place once a day. During time limit, each team has to carry opponent's emblems off and set them up on their own altars. While all teams take and are deprived of emblems, large-scale battles can be broken out and players may make strategic plays in any location of Triangular Battle Field. Right after the end of Triangular Battle, participants can get some beneficial buff items automatically in accordance with emblems finally obtained.

For more details, refer to KALONLINE official homepage, http//

About INixsoft

Inixsoft is Seoul, Korea based on-line game developer and publisher. INixsoft has a plenty of experience in development and publishing of MMORPG. KALONLINE is a main title MMORPG based on Korean fantasy.

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