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Platformer with a doughnut-loving hero.

For immediate release

August 26, 2009: Ogreforce, an independent game developer, announces the release of a new frantic platformer - KadizBusters. The player controls Kadiz, a corpulent fellow fond of jambusters (jelly donuts). Kadiz goes through colorful levels zorbing his favorite jambusters, but Health Care Professionals (HCPs) try to make him lead a healthy life. Kadiz should avoid meeting them; otherwise he will lose his weight and die. The game is not as simple as it may seem at the first glance: the HCPs will pursue Kadiz once he appears on their platforms, and to evade them the player has to invent crafty schemes. Plenty of fun is guaranteed; and the bright colors of KadizBusters are sure to delight the players.

Though at first the game seems quite simple, this impression is deceptive. To help Kadiz eat all busters the player should first go through tutorial levels and get acquainted with the rules, the characters and various types of buildings, busters and additional items. Knowing their characteristics is essential for winning.

Let us take, for example, the Health Care Professionals - the bodybuilding trainer Biff, the famous diet guru Mewg, the nutritional specialist Betty Broccly, the fitness trainer Fatima Trimwate and Prana Yama, the yogi. They all start pursuing Kadiz as soon as he steps on their platforms to zorb a buster. Each of them can attack poor Kadiz from a distance - Biff, Betty and Fatima throw certain objects that make Kadiz lose weight (medicine balls, broccoli and training videos), Mewg sucks busters out of Kadiz, and Prana Yama immobilizes him for a couple of seconds with healing energy, which also reduces weight.

When a bunch of HCPs start chasing Kadiz across the platforms, the situation seems desperate. As well as Kadiz, they can use ziptubes and trampolines. But the enemies have their own weaknesses - they cannot pass certain buildings. For instance, Fatima avoids donut shops; Mewg does not mind donut shops, but cannot pass health stores and gyms. If the player keeps all that in mind, he can successfully trap the HCPs. Inventing a plan takes some mental effort, but each victory brings genuine exultation.

Besides the enemies, there is also a friendly character in the game. Chef Jean Buster can bake a red buster for Kadiz, on condition that the latter breaks all the obstacles (walls, breakable platforms) separating the chef and the oven.

As for the other interesting peculiarities, Kadiz is able to throw jelly balls and use bombs in order to keep the enemies back. In some levels he can use a crane to dispose of them; and if there is a gate, it can be open or closed with a special lever to lock the enemies.


- 3D rendering;

- A friendly chef baking buster;

- 5 enemies able to attack from a distance;

- Enemies following Kadiz across the platforms;

- Trampolines, ziptubes, teleportation;

- Various machinery;

- Bombs and jellyballs;

- Slippery surfaces, breakable platforms and walls;

- 50+ handcrafted levels and 15 useful tutorial levels;

Pricing and Availability

KadizBusters runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista. A single-user license costs $19.95. Further information on the product, as well as its free trial edition, is available at http://www.ogreforce.com/proto/gkadiz/index.htm

About Orgeforce

Founded in 2002, Orgeforce is an independent game developer, providing their customers with lots of fun and the best possible gameplay. Among the frantic games developed by Ogreforce are Back Alley Brawl and Kodiak Jones: Pest Control. For more information on the company please visit http://www.ogreforce.com/proto/about/corporate.htm

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on KadizBusters. Contact Randy Dueck at randy@ogreforce.com. A registration key to KadizBustersis available upon request to all editors considering a review.

Product page link: http://www.ogreforce.com/proto/gkadiz/index.htm

Download link: http://www.ogreforce.com/downloads/download.php?get=KadizBustersSetup.exe (28,9 MB)

E-mail: randy@ogreforce.com

Company website: http://www.ogreforce.com/proto/about/corporate.htm

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