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Red Stone is a Free2Play episodic MMORPG that offers players a unique fantasy experience with a deep storyline. Red Stone takes players deep into dangerous lands with 8 different character classes and compelling strategic missions, and players will quest to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to the destroyed world.

Below are the first details released on four of the eight unique transforming character classes in the game. The Squire/Warrior, the Magic Archer/Magic Lancer, the Magician/Werewolf and the Priest/Fallen Angel.


The tradition of swordsmanship is long-standing and honorable. Ever since men could forge metal they have been making swords, and those who mastered their art were regarded as warriors.

Brunenstig is known as a place of chivalry due to the existence of their knights, honorable men who swear fealty to their lord and will lay down their life for king and country. Swordsmanship varies between those who favor the larger, two-handed blades and those who prefer a one-handed sword and shield combination. The knights of old Brunenstig have historically preferred the sword and shield method, while knights from the Augusta peninsula have traditionally used two-handed swords.

The best warriors, however, are adept at both styles of combat and can fluidly switch between them as the situation requires. Such warriors make formidable opponents, able to adapt to any combat conditions, whether they call for offense or defense as a priority.

Warriors are historically opposed to monsters and demons, and stand in defense of the cities of Prandel against such horrors. Some suspect that warriors have an uncanny interest in red demons in particular, possibly due to a tie with the Red Stone, but none can deny that warriors serve the cause of good by combating these fierce foes.

Skills -

Berserk Rampage - Focusing all of their rage and energy, the Squire bursts forward, smashing aside all opposition as they dash headlong into their target enemy. All enemies in your path will be knocked to the side as you charge your foe.

War Cry - The Squire unleashes a ferocious roar, stunning nearby enemies and causing them to tremble in fear. All enemies within the vicinity will be temporarily paralyzed as well as damaged.

Challenge of Might - Issue a challenge to your enemy which even the most cowardly of foes would not dare to refuse. Your enemy will be forced to engage you in combat for a short duration.

Raging Steel - Your enemies' strikes will only cause your anger to grow, fueling your devastating assault. As you receive damage your attack power and speed will increase temporarily.

Daring Leap - Leap upon your enemies, striking wildly as you force them onto the defensive. Your enemies will be forced backwards and damaged by the vicious assault.

Magic Archer / Magic Lancer

Powerful female combatants from a matriarchal tribe in the middle region of Prandel, archers are the descendants of mercenaries employed by the kingdom of Eript in their search for Red Stone. Masters of both bow and spear, archers also magically enhance their arrowheads and spear points to attack foes. Their sorcery is very different from that of most magic-users, in that it is very practical rather than mystical due to it being learned via actual combat experience instead of study.

These powerful warrior-women are primarily known for their archery skills, but their abilities with a spear should not be discounted; they are every bit as lethal with one. Archers are also extremely mobile, being fleet of foot and experienced in running circles around their foes.

When the Kingdom of Eript collapsed, many of its mercenaries left for other work, but most of them went to the Kingdom of Godom to continue searching for Red Stone. Their experience in dealing with demons is vast due to the length of time they have spent fighting, and yet they are often ostracized where they travel because they are seen as bringing trouble and strife wherever they go. Those seeking the Red Stone, however, would do well to become acquainted with one of these ferocious and strong women.

Skills -

Arrow Storm - Devastate your enemies at point blank range, unleashing furious arrow volleys into your foe from a short distance.

Explosive Chain - Targets a specific area, covering the distance between the archer and their target in a shower of exploding arrows. All enemies caught in the fire will be severely damaged.

Raining Fire - The archer fires multiple arrows that have been set alight with fire into the sky, causing fiery death to rain upon your surrounding enemies.

Whirling Assault - The lancer surges forwards suddenly, spinning their spear violently. This attack is impossible to block and causes damage to your enemies, forcing them all out of your path.

Elemental Force - Imbues your spear with the elemental powers of fire and ice. As you spin your spear all enemies in your vicinity will either be temporarily frozen or be damaged by fire.


In the eastern lands of Prandel, sorcery based around the elements of fire, water, wind, and earth is well developed. The town of Smug has especially powerful sorcerers, with skills equivalent to the old royal sorcerers of Brunenstig. Magic is common enough to be taught in academies.

What makes the sorcerers of Smug stand out is their ability to transform into werewolves. There are many rumors and mysteries surrounding this ability. It is commonly believed that the ability is related to the powerful forces of magic that surround the town. Sweb Tower and Arach Lake are both nearby, both ancient and deep repositories of magical energy. Many believe that this energy permeates the town of Smug and changes the constitution of its inhabitants, allowing the werewolf transformation.

This incredible shape shifting ability allows magicians to overcome their inherent physical disadvantages. Should they encounter a foe resistant to their spells, they can turn to a werewolf to attack physically. This flexibility has saved the life of many a magician where lesser magic-users would fall.

Skills -

Shield of Violent Winds - The Magician shields themselves with violent winds, defending themselves from enemy attacks while causing damage to all enemies in their vicinity.

Meteor Shower - The Magician summons a massive meteorite, crushing his enemies beneath its mass. This attack causes damage over a wide area.

Touch of Petrification - Turns weak willed enemies into stone, preventing their attacks but rendering them tougher. Only weak enemies will be affected by this spell.

Howling Moon - Unleashing a blood curdling howl, the werewolf scares all nearby enemies, reducing their combat effectiveness.

Howl of the Lunatic - A vicious howl tears at your enemies mind, causing them to go crazy. Your enemies lose control, attacking anyone that gets near them whether they are friend or foe.

Priest/Fallen Angel

Fallen angels are divine beings who have been banished from the Celestial World. The reason for the fall was their case of the Red Stone's original destruction, 500 years past. This event devastated the Celestial World in addition to the mortal world, and for this atrocity, the fallen angels were tasked with a mission as their penance. A wing on each angel was broken as a mark of their disgrace.

The angels took the form of priests, and joined the churches of the surface world. While there, they were meant to search for and retrieve the Red Stone, for a purpose that can only be guessed at. Normally, the angels exist in their priest forms, as their angelic wings stand out on the surface world and mark them with shame. When most angels are banished their wings are completely stripped from them. Fallen angels, however, only had half of a wing broken and retained much of their divine power, which serves as evidence of the Celestial World's interest in retrieving the Red Stone.

Living for 500 years on the surface world has changed many of the fallen. Some have erased their angelic identities completely, and live only as simple priests. Others are willing to make full use of their power. As priests, they possess strong spiritual strength and endurance, and are potent enemies of both undead and demons. The true purpose behind their search for Red Stone is still unknown, but all will acknowledge that they make powerful allies in battle.

Skills -

Wrath - Call upon the powers of Heaven to strike your enemies with vengeful bolts of lightning.

Judgement Day - Assault the enemy with hundreds of crosses, striking down all enemies in the vicinity. The immense release of energy cleanses all friendly party members of any adverse effects.

Hammer of the Heavens - Smites your target enemy with the fury of Heaven itself, striking your foe with a massive hammer that descends from the sky. This attack will temporarily paralyze your enemy or even cause their level and abilities to be decreased for a short period.

Arch of Divinity - Utters an ancient prayer, granting your party the blessings of Heaven. Ancient and powerful energies envelop the priest, protecting him and his party from adverse effects and harmful magic.

Holy Wrath - Invoking the power of mystic texts to unleash a blast of holy energy. All Undead and Demons in the vicinity of the priest will be temporarily paralyzed or destroyed outright by the devastating force.

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