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K2 Network Halloween events

Spooky happenings afoot in Global MU Online, Sword of the New World, War Rock, Red Stone and Knight Online.

Global MU Online

All Mutizens can enjoy these ghoulish events:

Invasion of the Nibelungs: This Halloween, the dead will surface on the continent of MU and will march across the land reeking havoc. These dead warriors, the Nibelungs, carry unimaginable amounts of treasure and will bleed weapons, armor, Moonstone pendants, rings, jewels and more when you hit them hard enough!

5XP Halloween event: MUAhAHAHAhahahaha… A ghoulish 5XP event starts on October 28th – November 4th. This is the perfect opportunity for existing MUtizens to level up and create the deadliest character to roam the continent of MU. New players are welcome in on the action also.

Sword of the New World

Spooky Halloween Quest: Join the Land of the Dead from October 28th – November 4th and embark on a spooky Halloween quest! Befriend a ghost and slay pumpkins to earn chilling rewards.

Semana De Los Muertos: Fight off evil ghosts and demons who are trying to take over the New World from October 28th – November 5th. Players can enter various portals in different parts of the New World and defend their families against these undead villains.

War Rock

Halloween sale, until 11/3: players will be able to purchase several items in the GamersFirst marketplace for 50% off. Premium discounts will still apply on top of the half off sale price.

Sale items: G36, Famas, AI_AW, PSG, P90, MP5K, Winchester, TMP9, MP7, Medic Box (PX), and Super Master (PX) items in the Marketplace.

Bloc map “Halloween Bloc”

For the holiday this map has been changed into a night map. There will be skeletons, spiders and floating ghost pumpkins. (Until Nov 6th)

Red Stone

October 31st

Halloween event: GMs will scatter gifts throughout the world

Halloween Celebration: On October 31st all Prandelians can score in-game candy in honor of Halloween and a three hour portal item that will increase their drop rate if they pick up the right treat! Join the ghoulish fun on October 31st and your treat may be a rare drop item!

Knight Online

Forgotten Frontiers, a massive expansion for Knight Online is here! Do you dare engage in chilling boss raids and explore all the intimidating adventure Knight Online has to offer? The intense PvP action and explosive content may haunt you!

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