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JOYTECH Announces Licensed Xbox 360 Range

Windsor, England -October 20th 2005

JOYTECH Europe Ltd, a division of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. and leading designer and manufacturer of third party video game accessories, today announced the launch of a new range of peripherals designed specifically for the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system.

Scheduled to be available at launch, JOYTECH's licensed product range includes the 'Neo Se Controller', the 'Nitro Racing Wheel', the 'Face Plate' and 'Twin Face Plate Pack', and the 'Control Center' of which is the first product of its kind to be officially licensed on Xbox 360.

Other products featured in the range include the 'Se Headset Communicator', the 'Digital AV Cable', and the 'Digital VGA Cable'.

One of a select few third party peripheral manufacturers to be granted an Xbox 360 peripheral license, JOYTECH's initial range of accessories will present gamers with a range of products focused on delivering uncompromised levels of quality, design, innovation and value.

Speaking on the new line of peripherals, JOYTECH Managing Director Tim Brion comments, "We are delighted to be working alongside Microsoft to introduce owners of the Xbox 360 to this exciting new range. Our design teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that our 360 accessories are each imbedded with our core principles of quality, innovation and value for money and we're confident that this; our strongest range to date will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the next generation of video game entertainment".

The full range of officially licensed peripherals include:

JOYTECH Neo Se Controller - SRP: £19.99

Following the tradition of JOYTECH's acclaimed third party controllers, the Neo Se Controller delivers the highest levels of control comfort, accuracy and design intelligence yet seen in a third party controller. Officially licensed from Microsoft®, the Neo Se Controller features an illuminated Xbox 360TM Guide Button, giving access to the console's multimedia functions, informing gamers of messages and player status, and instantly connecting to Xbox Live® when activated. Ergonomically designed Shoulder Buttons have been carefully positioned for those with instinctive reflexes, while high-intensity Dual-Vibration Feedback, Twin Analog Thumbsticks and robust eight-way Directional Pad provide true precession for the new generation of software. The Integrated Headset Port allows quick and easy connection to any compatible communicator headset, and the controller comes complete with a fully shielded three-meter break-away Controller Cable.

JOYTECH Nitro Racing Wheel - SRP £59.99

Aggressively styled and designed to cope with even the most intense of driving experiences, the Nitro Racing Wheel works in conjunction with the Xbox 360 to deliver the most realistic and engrossing driving sensation imaginable.

Officially licensed from Microsoft®, the Nitro Racing Wheel has been designed from the ground up to feature state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly integrates with the Xbox Live® service thanks to the Backlit Xbox 360TM Guide Button providing instant access to the Xbox Live® itself and the in-built Headset Communicator Port which allows real-time voice communication with any compatible communicator headset.

The bold 'Street Car' inspired Wheel Head is fashioned in high quality rubber to provide comfort and durability during the most heated of races, whilst the centrally pivoted Pedal Set, Shiftronic Gear Stick and four wheel-mounted Gear Change Paddles provide a variety of options for in game control. High intensity Dual Vibration Feedback, on board Digital Display and four preset Steering Sensitivity Modes offer gamers realism and total control to suit their personal racing preferences.

JOYTECH Control Center - SRP: £79.99

JOYTECH introduces the Control Center for the HD era, with the launch of the officially licensed Control Center.

Designed to place your Xbox 360 at the very center of your next generation entertainment, the Control Center allows you to connect up to six pieces of Audio-Visual equipment to just one input on your TV/display or Hi-Fi. Alongside a bespoke input for the Xbox 360, the Control Center includes a staggering selection of inputs, catering for RBG SCART, S-Video, Composite Video with Stereo Audio RCA Phono, Component Video, Digital Optical 5.1 Audio and even features three Ethernet Ports, for use with Xbox Live® and other online compatible consoles or services. With a corresponding matched output for each connection, users can connect a single lead to their TV/display or Hi-Fi, thus removing the need to plug and unplug equipment ever again.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your Xbox 360, the Control Center features a removable Face-Plate, and a Programmable Front Display for tailor made input naming, and with the supplied Remote Control users can effortlessly navigate inputs at a touch of a button. Depending on your preferred method of storage, JOYTECH's Control Center features unique technology that senses vertical or horizontal orientation, adjusting text on the Front Display accordingly.

JOYTECH's Signal Regulator Technology ensures that the output signal remains stable and interference free at all times, even when viewing the Xbox 360 in high definition (720p/1080i) and with multiple devises running simultaneously.

JOYTECH Face Plate - SRP: £9.99

Be the first to customise your Xbox 360 with the officially licensed Face Plate from JOYTECH. As an officially licensed product, the Face Plate is manufactured to precise specifications to ensure a perfect fit, connecting in seconds to your Xbox 360, fashioning the front of your console with a stunning design. Once attached, the Face Plate remains safe and secure and removes in seconds should you wish to change the appearance again. No screws or adhesives are required.

JOYTECH Twin Face Plate Pack - SRP: £14.99

Why settle for one re-design when you can have two?! Designed with the fashion conscious console owner in mind, the officially licensed Twin Face Plate Pack represents exceptional quality and value for money. Featuring one Face Plate and one Black Face Plate, the Twin Face Plate Pack allows you to change the appearance of your Xbox 360 console to suit your mood. Being officially licensed from Microsoft®, the dimensions and specifications of both Face Plates are identical to the one packaged with the console.

Other products available in the range include:

JOYTECH Se Headset Communicator - SRP: £14.99

Complementing the JOYTECH Neo Se Controller, the Se Headset Communicator throws gamers into the heart of the action, allowing real time two way communication with multiple players over the Xbox Live® service. Designed for sustained length of play, the Headset Communicator offers high levels of comfort whilst delivering exceptionally clear and crisp two-way audio with other players. Communicate with fellow gamers in the heat of the action, or simply chat with friends over Xbox Live®, the JOYTECH Headset Communicator transforms multi player gaming forever.

JOYTECH Digital AV Cable - SRP: £14.99

The simplest and most cost effective way to instantly improve visual and audio fidelity of your next generation software, the Digital AV Cable connects your new console in the manner it deserves! Designed to fully exploit the razor sharp graphics and digital sound of the Xbox 360, the Digital AV Cable features connections for RGB SCART, RCA Phono Stereo Audio, S-Video and Digital Optical for 5.1 surround sound. Using professional grade cable and fully Gold Plated for optimal signal retention, the Digital AV Cable is an essential accessory for every 360 owner.

JOYTECH Digital VGA Cable - SRP: £14.99

Enjoy crystal clear, high definition graphics and digital 5.1 surround sound with the Digital VGA Cable. Compatible with any PC monitor or display with a VGA input, the Digital VGA Cable takes advantage of the high definition output of the Xbox 360, displaying in either standard resolution or high resolution 720p (Progressive), or 1080i (Interlaced). A secondary VGA input is included on the cable itself allowing users to connect both the Xbox 360 and for example, a standard PC to just one display simultaneously. Lastly a Digital Optical Cable is included on the lead itself, providing true 5.1 digital surround sound.

JOYTECH's range of accessories for the Xbox 360TM video game and entertainment system are scheduled to be released across Europe this December.

JOYTECH -Leading the next generation of accessories

For further information: Alex Verrey, PR and Communications Manager -JOYTECH - +44 (0)1753 496 707

For further information on JOYTECH peripherals, please visit:

JOYTECH Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software

About JOYTECH Europe

Headquartered in Windsor England, JOYTECH Europe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., and one of the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of third party video game accessories. All JOYTECH products are designed and built in-house, providing gamers with high-quality products for all the gaming consoles, as well as PCs, at competitive prices. For further information on JOYTECH peripherals, please visit:

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