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Joystick Junkies gets musical for arcade-inspired compilation

Videogame fashion label Joystick Junkies is set to move into the music world, with the launch of a two CD mix compilation called The Arcade Asylum, which features music from and inspired by videogames.

The CDs will apparently be packed with "lounge, electro, uplifting and Balearic house music", many of which are genres we didn't even know existed to be honest with you, and will feature an assortment of both newcomers and well known DJs.

The album features tracks from forthcoming and existing games, remixes of game music tracks, or tracks by artists which have been inspired by videogames. It launches alongside a club night, also called The Arcade Asylum, which will run in central London every week from September.

The album will be launched at a Joystick Junkies party on October 1st, and will be distributed in music and game stores across Europe. The production team are currently seeking tracks for the compilation, and invite developers and publishers with suitable tracks to get in touch with them.

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