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JoWood Productions and T7 Games present The Mark

Live picture from the War on Terrorism...

Liezen, Austria, September 28th 2006; JoWooD Productions and T7 Games present the latest live pictures of the conflict areas where US Marine corps officer Steve Fletcher and top-rated mercenary Austin Hawke are in a thrilling battle against international terrorism. What will happen in the future?


Terrorists stole a nuclear-tipped missile and plan to blast away one of Europe's' largest city: LONDON! The missiles short range is a problem, but money is not, and the terrorists find an accomplice, Ilya Rakov, son of a Russian billionaire and arms dealer. Aleksandr Rakov. Ilya agrees to supply the terrorists with a ship that will bring the missile within range of London. He also agrees to hunt down the only two people who are capable of foiling the plot: Steve and Sandy Fletcher. Steve and his sister Sandy are officers in the US Marine Corps. Aleksandr Rakov is horrified by his son's plan. Unable to take direct action, he hires the elite mercenary Austin Hawke to protect and assist Fletch

Steve and Austin are Europes' last line of defense, tasked to stop a deadly nuclear package before it reaches its' destination, London. The potential of killing hundreds of thousand innocents has become reality. "The Mark", a first person shooter for PC, is about the real threat from today - terrorism. The war of the 21st century is now being fought; and it's here.

You will find the answers in The Mark- take care for law and order and save the world's metropolis!

The never ending fight against terrorist goes on.

The Mark is due out on the PC this fall.

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