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32,000-levelled ball-bouncer reaches the iTunes New and Noteworthy list.

Akron Ohio, August 31st -- Max Gaming is finally taking a moment from jumping around in excitement to pause and write a press release for Jounce. Less than a week after its initial release, Apple featured Jounce in the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store, and we’ve not been able to sit still since.

With over 32000 levels, Jounce can keep you busy for ages just flipping through level numbers. We realize though, watching numbers change can only be entertaining for so long, that’s why we included a large dose of Gameplay with every copy of Jounce. Yes, in a day and age where Shiny sells, we’ve decided to break the mold, and tried revitalizing a concept some have thought lost in the mists of time.

The goal is simple, balls fall from above, and you bounce them to their target below. But unlike many puzzle games, there is no “perfect” score possible. If you finish a level with just one move, congrats, you’ve made one of the lowest scores possible. Balls are worth one point for every bounce they make before reaching the goal, so yea, you can play things nice and calm, use just a few bouncers to direct the balls, and enjoy the soothing rhythm of Jounce. The sign of the true Jounce Master though, is an iPhone/Pod that sounds like a hyperactive monkey wearing hundreds of bells!

Jounce is available on the iTunes AppStore now, for just 99 cents currently, so stop reading press releases, and go buy Jounce! And keep an eye out for the next update of jounce, which will add Theme Customization, improved performance, and OpenFeint support!

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