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Jordan 'jorndanR and Ken 'Xanath' Johnson signed

BLG to expand into CoD: Black Ops.

Connecticut based Borderland Gaming (BLG) signed a one (1) year contract today with Jordan 'jordanR' Rysedorph of New York and Ken 'Xanath' Johnson of Florida, creating the first and only Team BLG in the new first person shooter for PC - Call of Duty: Black Ops. After recently signing their final member to their Super Street Fighter IV team, BLGaming decided to expand their efforts in the competitive gaming community to include some of the heavy hitting PC titles such as CoD: Black Ops.

As per the agreement, jordanR and Xanath will be managing a team of five (5) players to represent BLGaming in both online and LAN play for the new CoD title. As with any of their sponsorships, it is BLGaming's hope that the addition of jordanR and Xanath to Team BLG will be a positive influence on competitive gamers everywhere - showing that with enough hard work, creativity, and dedication, you can indeed make a living doing what you love. When asked about the sponsorship, jordanR (Team BLG Strategic Manager) had this to say:

"I'm so excited that my team and I have found a home with Borderland Gaming. They've been very flexible and supportive of us from day one, and now we have the kind of backing we need to focus on what we do best; breakin' necks and cashin' checks."

Competitive gaming has become a staple in the online and offline gaming communities, attracting players from around the world to participate in a large variety of competitions ranging from free basement LANs (Local Area Networks) to events sponsored by industry giants and paying out tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the winners. The term 'eSport' was even coined to describe this culture, implying that competitive gamers were in fact digital athletes - training and competing to be the very best at their respective games.

This will be BLGaming's first official sponsorship with a PC gaming team, and it will certainly not be the last. BLGaming has created a competitive gaming (PC and console) website to bridge the gap between gaming communities and allow players from all competitive games to interact with one another through Tournaments, voice chat, online forums, and blogs. They are committed to bringing their viewers only the best in professional gaming tips, strategies, insights, HD streams, reviews, and competitions. You can view their site online at

The full press release with team bios can be found at the official post here: 

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