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Jolt teams up with EVE Online for Game Stars Live

London, 27th September 2004 - Jolt Online Gaming will be attending the first ever Game Stars Live event this year, and we are delighted to be showcasing EVE Online at our stand. The massively multiplayer online space game has gained enormous support since its launch last year. Visitors will be able to get some hands-on experience playing the MMOG and find out about current and upcoming developments in the persistent game world.

EVE Online is the next generation in massive multiplayer online games, set in a world of galactic magnitude, governed by a hyper capitalistic economy. Your aim is to establish yourself as a major mover and shaker, trusted by your friends and respected by your enemies. Your main tools to accomplish this, apart from the whole panoply of sophisticated equipment, space ships and corporations will be your business acumen and social skills, Machiavellian thinking and cunning combat strategies.

EVE Online is now the largest single online game world with more than 5,000 solar systems connected by a series of jump gates. You can be almost anything you want to be, from pirate to military leader to CEO of your own corporation all depending upon your aspiration.

"We believe EVE Online is of tremendous interest to Jolt and its community," said Jolt's CEO Dominic Silk, "Sustainable massively multiplayer gaming is an important part of Jolt's future and the success of Eve Online is testament to that fact. We look forward to partnering with Crowd Control Productions to demonstrate EVE Online at Game Stars Live."

"We are very pleased to team up with Jolt at Game Stars Live, which has brought a fresh new approach to servicing gamers", said Magnus Bergsson, CCP's CMO, "They have focused on highly targeted audience and have created Europe's largest games services, and we are grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate EVE Online to their guests at GSL."

As Jolt prepares for Game Stars Live, we expect to have even more exciting titles on display. Our stand will be located at G9 in the main hall and room 101 at EGN. To arrange meetings, contact

About CCP

CCP is a privately held company and focuses exclusively on ultra massive online games. Its mission is to develop large scale online games that are excel in the areas of game play, graphics and user interactions.

CCP aims to create games in which the players are the central focus, and the role of artificial intelligence is as limited as possible. In other words, to move away from the AI-centred games of the past into a new era, where human interaction is raised to a higher level. CCP has accomplished this by approaching game design from a different perspective than most, that is, from the gamer's perspective. A natural path for CCP since all founders of the company had never created a computer game before creating EVE Online.

About Jolt Online Gaming

Launched in October 1999, is Europe's largest and most popular privately owned and independent online gaming network - with over 1000 game servers online. Utilising a multi-gigabit network that consistently outperforms its competitors, jolt is the network of choice for serious gamers and games companies alike.

In addition to providing superior internet connectivity, hosting, infrastructure and management jolt was the pioneer and is also the World leader in the supply of rentable servers to clans. As well as its' public gaming servers jolt also provides tailored solutions for game developers, publishers and companies. These range from High Performance Leased Lines through to 24/7, fully managed, game server solutions for clients in both the First Person Shooter and Massively Multiplayer genres.


Magnus Bergsson


Dominic Silk

Jolt Online Gaming Ltd.

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