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Jolt conspires with Mephistopheles

Secures exclusive preview rights to never-before-seen PC game

Everlasting Productions, a brand new publisher in the UK, and Jolt Online Gaming, Europe's largest independent online gaming network, are excited to announce an agreement that will see Jolt's popular content site unmask the faust details of upcoming PC adventure game "The Serpentine Conspiracy" in a world exclusive preview. The graphically distinct supernatural mystery is being developed by Israel's Mephistophelian Softworks, with a story developed by Pehnt Will.

Life is tough for Damien Hellion, a psychiatric patient incarcerated against his protestations of sanity. Although he suffers from frequent black-outs and demonic visions, he believes himself to be a messenger from God and is the victim of minions sent to him by Satan, whom he believes it is his mission to destroy.

By Sunday everything will become clear when Jolt makes available the world exclusive preview, which will be located at http://www.jolt.co.uk/index.php?articleid=2847. With the game promising to be one of the most unique - and controversial - of 2005, we invite everyone to visit then when we will reveal all.

"Selling games is serious business and a title as controversial and unique as The Serpentine Conspiracy calls for a unique and somewhat controversial approach to marketing," explained Everlasting Productions' Director of Marketing, Lucy Furzbich, adding: "We also aim to show that the point-and-click adventure genre is well and truly living."

"Souls," added Etanracni Natas, CEO of Mephistopheles Softworks, "This game is all about the significance of souls!"

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