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Join Us In the GNGWC Bomb 'N Dash World Championship Celebration Event to win great prizes like an iPod, the in-game money and BND doll set.


Korea, July 10th, 2007 - Bomb 'N Dash, which is currently serviced under Korea IT Promotion Agency(KIPA)'s global service platform, announced that they will hold a special event on July 10th through July 31st in order to celebrate the opening of the GNGWC2007 Bomb 'N Dash world championship event. Of which begins on July 10th through July 23rd with the online preliminary match beginning first in Europe, then covering North America, South Asia and Korea. There are 3 total events in the celebration such as the guild grand opening, congratulatory message and the third gold coin event.

The Guild grand opening is great news as the Bomb 'N Dash players have been waiting to be closely united. The guild system supports the players in order to build their own community so that they may share their gaming experience with others to boost fun as they play Bomb 'N Dash. It requires players to be above the third levelto be a guild master and at least 3 members including the guild master to be an official guild. If you make a bigger guild during this event, you will have the opportunity to win the great prizes and as well as the chance to be the winner of GNGWC2007 Bomb 'N Dash world championship.

The Congratulatory Message event is easy to participate in. Go to the Bomb 'N Dash homepage and make a post in the GNGWC bulletin with your celebration comment. Burubong, the Bomb 'N Dash GM, says "You don't have to be a great writer like William Shakespeare to win the prizes. Just try to deliver your love and passion for Bomb 'N Dash and wish the successful opening of GNGWC2007 Bomb 'N Dash World Championship. I will pick up the 5 best posts based on touching my heart and the number of hits, etc."

The last event is the Third Gold Coin event which has been the delight of the Bomb 'N Dash players through its first and second events. The coin event is positioned as the serial event for the Bomb 'N Dash players to enjoy the game with more fun and excitement. The event is also simple to join. Just play the game and pick up the gold coins randomly dropped in the map. The more coins you collect, the greater your chances are of winning the prizes.

Come on, guys, have an unforgettable time with Bomb 'N Dash and take a chance to win great prizes!

About Innodis

Innodis is a digital cultural contents entertainment company that develops online games and provides related services. The company also conducts e-Business to respond to the current digital age which embraces new values involving the fusion of cultures and networks. Bomb 'N Dash is the first online video game Innodis is introducing for the global game market. For more information about Innodis, please visit

About Bomb 'N Dash

Bomb 'N Dash is a free-to-play casual real-time 3-D action game that has you throwing and dodging bombs as you are challenged through the exciting worlds. This game incorporates elements from fighting and strategy games and allows you to compete against or with other players from around the globe. You can choose from 6 amazing characters each with varying abilities that compliment each other. So gather your friends and family to battle against other players or the Dark Spirits who are vying for control of Happyland. Please visit

About GNGWC2007

"Game & Game World Championship 2007" (GNGWC) is an international online game festival held in the five gaming hubs of the world : North America, Europe, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Six Korean online games "Bomb 'N Dash", "Silk Road Online", "Shot Online", "Lunia", "Navy Field" and "War-Rock" were the featured titles. The regional preliminary tournaments advanced the best players to the Regional Finals starts on July 23, 2007.

The GNGWC adheres to the Global Service Platform (GSP). GSP is the overseas promotion policy for Korean online games developed by KIPA (Korean IT Industry Promotion Agency). KIPA has created and operates Game & Game (, a website that showcases the best Korean games and game companies to international audiences. It allows gamers around the world to experience the best online game titles that the Korean game industry has to offer. The GNGWC is the competition and event extension of Game & Game.

About Levelup Communications

Levelup Communications is an agency focused on supporting the marketing and publicity initiatives of companies involved within the game industry. The agency offers a suite of services, including public relations, advertising, promotions, branding and business development. Visit for more information about Levelup Communications.


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