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Join the Battle, Play PoxNora Open Beta

PoxNora's open beta has arrived. Players may now sign up to test this new game which draws the best elements from trading card, tactical miniatures and fantasy roleplaying games to create a unique online strategy game. In PoxNora, players collect Runes that allow them to summon champions, equipment, relics and spells to the battlefield. The game is played out across a variety of maps where champions do battle to collect Nora, a vital resource used to summon additional Runes into play. The construction of your battlegroup and careful use of powers and attacks are vital to success. Runes also gain experience during play that can be used to upgrade or learn new attributes and abilities, meaning that as your play style evolves, so do your Runes. PoxNora runs on Java-enabled Internet browsers on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. The game is free to download, install and play. Be one of the first to play - visit Jay Adan / Matt Timoteo The Bohle Company for PoxNora (310) 785-0515 ext 234 / 212
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