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Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel at PAX East 2011

Champ to show face at Gamers Gone Wild party.

DALLAS, TX, February 24, 2011 – World Video Game Champion, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, will attend the Gamers Gone Wild party in Boston, MA on Friday, March 11.  Fatal1ty will showcase his line of high-end PC gaming products, give away prizes and plans to play games with attendees.

Fatal1ty Shoot Outs will be played on PCs containing Fatal1ty branded products including a motherboard from ASRock, RAM and PSUs from OCZ and headsets and soundcards from Creative Labs, quality products recognized worldwide for their ability to deliver the best gaming performance possible.

As part of his ongoing effort to give back to gaming Fatal1ty will be donating Fatal1ty Gaming Gear to Gamers Gone Wild as prizes to select attendees and will also be available for an hour to play with party attendees in the gaming zone.

The Gamers Gone Wild party is the premier party at the PAX East event.  This year it is hosted by internet gaming communities www.2old2play.com, www.sfx-360.com, and emminentt.  Also in attendance will be acclaimed video podcast Radioactive Nerd, Carlos Ferro, and other gaming industry celebrities.  The event will be held at The MKT in Boston, MA on 11 March.  Doors open at 8:00pm EST.



Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel became the world’s first full time professional video gamer in 1999 and since then has dominated competitions all over the world, winning an unprecedented 12 world titles in 5 different games. His dedication to the concept of competitive video gaming led him to create a range of gaming gear that carries the Fatal1ty Brand. 

In honor of his contributions, Johnathan was awarded the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award in the four-year history of the eSports-Award for “showing exceptional sportsmanship, taking part in shaping eSports into what it is today and for being the prime representative of this young sport. He has become the figurehead for eSports worldwide.”


Radioactive Nerd is an acclaimed video podcast focused on the latest news in the video gaming industry.  The Radioactive Nerd podcast is hosted by Chris “Frost” Sheffield, Korey “BiggK” Hildebrand, Max “Angus” Kruger, Maurice “oOIGotIssuesOo” Lauria, Greg Romijn and Kerry Pritchard.

Contact:  Chris Sheffield                                Contact: Veronica Welch

    Radioactive Nerd                                           Bubblefish Media

     frost@radioactivenerd.com                           veronica@thebubblefish.com

   817.374.5009                                                  310.367.2301

After only a year of production, their particular brand of sarcasm and video editing earned them an opportunity to compete for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards for best podcast in the gaming industry.  The Radioactive Nerd podcast is published weekly at www.radioactivenerd.com and www.sfx-360.com.  

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