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Controller add-on that forces you to run on the spot to make your on-screen character move. Works with any title.


Liverpool, 26 November 2008: New Concept Gaming Ltd, a company dedicated to the development and sale of ground breaking products bridging the video game and health and fitness industries, today announced that its first product, jOG™ is now on sale. Compatible with existing games consoles and games, jOG is an accessory that enables gamers to enjoy their favourite titles with a fun, immersive control mechanic at the same time benefitting from aerobic exercise – quite simply, if you want to run in the game you have to run on the spot to go.

In the basic mode of operation, the user plays their game in the normal way but with one significant difference. jOG detects when the player takes a step and only allows movement in the game while the player is jogging on the spot. Direction and all the other functions are still controlled by the standard gamepad. Using this simple approach, the team at New Concept Gaming has created a very powerful visual feedback loop bringing players deeper into the game experience and compelling them to take light exercise for the duration of game play without affecting the balance of gameplay.

jOG can be used to enhance most existing video games that feature character movement on screen –adventure games, shooters, children’s games, RPGs, sports games. Significantly, in its basic mode jOG requires no changes to any game console or software to use. Players just plug in and go.

“Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the Western world, and many sedentary activities are being blamed, not least playing video games,” explains Brendan Ludden, Managing Director, New Concept Gaming. “jOG is a great way to banish those criticisms, and help gaming be both fun and healthy. We want to make video games good for you!”

jOG for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system from Sony is available now from A special Limited Edition jOG lite compatible with the Wii™ will also be available in December.

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About New Concept Gaming Ltd

Liverpool based New Concept Gaming Ltd was founded in 2005 by Brendan Ludden, Jaison George and Patrick Slaats with support from the Merseyside Special Investment Fund since January 2008. The company is dedicated to the development and sale of ground breaking products that bridge the industries of video gaming and health & fitness, combining the best aspects of both. NCG’s first product, jOG, introduces natural and significant body movement into standard video game play in a way that enhances the fun of the current game experience, has a tangible health benefit and is highly accessible both in terms of simplicity of use and low cost. The company has plans for product evolution that incorporate more sophisticated body motion detection and further associated health benefits. For further information, please visit

jOG is a trademark of New Concept Gaming Ltd, all other trademarks are acknowledged and remain the property of their respective trademark owners. PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Wii is a registered trademark of Nintendo. This product is not endorsed, authorised, licensed or otherwise affiliated with Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. or Nintendo.

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