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Jingle Jam 2022 pulls in $3.6m for charity

Since the program's start in 2011, it has raised more than $22 million in contributions

This year's Jingle Jam has raised over €3.4 million ($3.6 million) in global donations.

The program's charities of the year included Campaign Against Living Miserably, Special Olympics Great Britain, and Mermaids.

Since the Bristol-based Jingle Jam began in 2011, it has amassed $22 million in charitable donations.

The year's funds will go towards various causes such as disease research, physical and mental well-being programs, and anti-bullying initiatives.

"To be able to raise more money than 2021 during such a difficult year for so many people, is incredible and we are delighted that the 12 charity partners can put this significant amount of money towards these fantastic causes," said Jingle Jam chair Rich Keith.

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