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Jeffery: Yu Suzuki still with Sega

Famed developer still works for the publisher as creative officer

Sega of America's president, Simon Jeffery, has confirmed that Yu Suzuki is still employed by Sega, correcting his earlier comments that the famed game designer had moved on.

During an interview, Jeffery revealed that the developer behind Shenmue and Virtua Fighter was no longer with Sega, describing Suzuki as "kind of his own man right now" adding "he's not an employee anymore".

However, Jeffery has now retracted those comments and corrected himself, saying that Suzuki is still with Sega and currently serves as its creative officer.

"I can safely say that Yu Suzuki is in fact still a Sega employee," Jeffery told Gamasutra, adding that Suzuki "...is a creative officer of Sega Corp."

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