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JavArt presents... FreeStyle Blocks

The most fascinating puzzle game of all time changes up for the next generation gamers.

Incredible bonuses, surprising and dynamic game-play, colourful and comics-like graphics, special levels and original sound track.

Use the special blocks blob, rain, chameleon, laser-beam, ghost and all the others to increase your reputation and join the coolest band in town with the overwhelming rhythm of a great music.

Freestyle blocks makes the other blocks games look obsolete.

Story board

The main character has decided to join one of the most powerful gangs of New York; there is only one way to get in Beat the best at Blocks, the "Game" in town.

He will have to go through 3 zones of the city, each controlled by a local boss and prove his skills at Blocks. Only if he gains reputation and keeps it high enough he will be able to proceed undisturbed


2 game modes 6 surprising bonuses Amazing effects Comics story board Cool hip hop sound tracks


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