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Javart brings Sudoku to mobile phones

Italian mobile games publisher cashes in on puzzle craze

As the popularity of Sudoku shows no sign of waning, Italian mobile games developer Javart has announced plans to bring the Japanese number puzzle to mobile phones.

Javart Sudoku EX features three levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard - with hints available for anyone who gets stuck on an easy or medium puzzle. Gamers must race against the clock to complete puzzles, and the game will keep a record of top scores. There is an option to save the game at any point.

Javart produces games using Java, Brew, I-mode, Flash and Symbian for distribution by mobile operators such as Vodafone, H3G, Tim, Turkcell, EuroTel, ChinaMobile and Sprint. Other titles in the company's portfolio include Walls of Troy, Lotto Generator International and Sexy Disco.

Javart Sudoku EX is likely to become the publisher's most successful title to date, judging by the continuing popularity of Sudoku puzzles in Europe. However, it will face strong competition in the shape of Go! Sudoku for PSP, just announced by Sony Computer Entertainment and set for a December release.

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