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Japanese publisher CyberFront dissolved

Follows management changes and buyout at Skullgirls publisher

CyberFront, the Japanese publisher that brought titles like Portal, Walking Dead and GTA: Chinatown Wars to Japan has dissolved, following a board meeting yesterday.

The company released a statement, translated by Gamasutra, that explained the company had been unable to sufficiently rebuild after recent management changes and a buyout by Kaga Electronics.

It's unclear how the dissolution will affect Tokyo Shin Seiki: Operation Abyss, which was due to be released by CyberFront in January. Hajime Chikami, president of developer Experience, has already publicly expressed concerns over the game's future as a result of the news.

CyberFront started in 1998, and the Kaga buyout occurred in 2010 and saw the electronics company take a 51 per cent share in the business. Sadly, it was unable to make the changes needed to save the company.

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