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Japanese hardware sales rebound

DSi tops chart while PSP sales almost double from last week's decline

Nintendo's DSi has held onto the top spot of the Japanese hardware chart for the week ended November 23, which saw sales numbers partially recover from last week's drop.

The data, provided by Media Create, shows the DSi sales climbing to 88,843 units, from 85,327 units the previous week. Meanwhile the PlayStation Portable's sales hit 61,226 units - considerably up from the handheld's 38,153 unit sales last week.

Nintendo's Wii topped the home console sales in the region, climbing once more to 35,298 units, up from last week's total of 26,787 units, followed by the DS Lite at 18,580 units, up from 3559 units.

Sony's PlayStation won a narrow victory over Microsoft's Xbox 360 with 17,436 and 15,474 units respectively. However, Sony's console dropped incrementally from its result of 17,448 units last week, while Microsoft's machine saw its sales climb significantly from 7983 units.

The PlayStation 2 sales continued to decline from 5421 units last week to settle at 5281 units.

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