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Japanese hardware sales fall

Nintendo DSi maintains lead, while only the Wii increases its sales

Nintendo's DSi held onto its lead amid falling hardware sales in Japan for the week ended November 16, according to data provided by Media Create.

DSi sales hit 85,327 units this week, significantly down from 104,897 unit sales it enjoyed the previous week, a similar story was shared by the DS Lite which sold 3559 units, compared to 8381 units last week.

PlayStation Portable continued to lag behind the DSi and saw sales fall to 38,153 units, from 43,726 units. Nintendo's Wii was the only piece of hardware to increase its share of sales, hitting 26,787 units, up from 24,726 units the week before.

Sony's PlayStation 3 maintained its lead over its rival console, Microsoft's Xbox 360, with sales hitting 17,448 units, down from 18,354 units. Microsoft's console maintained its position with 7983 unit sales, also down from last week's total of 12,759 units.

Bringing the chart to a close, the PlayStation 2 sold 5421 units, also a decline from 5743 units the previous week.

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James Lee