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Japanese hardware sales dive

Retail performance slumps following post Christmas spending, DSi still on top

Nintendo's DSi maintains top position in the Japanese hardware sales chart, during a week that saw sliding sales across the board.

According to data published by Media Create, DSi sales hit 78,201 units, well under half of what it achieved the week before at 182,518. Similarly Sony's PlayStation Portable saw its sales drop from 157,088 units to 60,495 units, and the Wii from 119,965 units to 41,243 units.

Sony's PlayStation 3 maintained a significant lead over its rival, Microsoft's Xbox 360, despite sales dropping to 28,144 units from 60,654.

DS Lite sales also slid by over 50 per cent to 23,429 units, while the Xbox 360 saw sales drop to 10,554 units and the PlayStation 2 closed off the chart with sales dropping to 6628 units, from 12,548.

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