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Japanese DSi sales spike

Region's hardware chart shows Nintendo products benefit most from Christmas shopping

Nintendo's DSi saw sales spike to 126,648 units in the run up to Christmas and take the top spot of the Japanese chart for the week ended December 7, according data provided by Media Create.

The handheld sold 39,463 units more than it did the previous week and beat out its rival, Sony's PlayStation Portable, at 54,782 units.

Nintendo's Wii topped the region's home console sales once again with 56,702 units, compared to 49,848 units the previous week.

Sony's PlayStation 3 experienced a slight dip in sales, coming in at 30,309 units, from last week's total of 34,978 units, followed by Nintendo's DS Lite at 12,096 - significantly lower than the 26,851 units recorded last week.

Xbox 360 sales also dropped, coming in at 9988 units, compared to 11,423 units the previous week, and Sony's PlayStation 2 closed off the chart with 5743 units.

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