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Japanese DS lead over PSP grows

Nintendo's handheld advances over Sony's, as the region sees hardware sales across all platforms decline

Sales of the Nintendo DS have continued to advance beyond those of Sony's PlayStation Portable amid an overall decline in the Japanese hardware chart for the week ended September 7, according to data provided by Media Create.

Nintendo's portable device sold 51,412 units, down from 56,439 units the previous week. The PSP saw its sales drop to 34,462 units, down from 41,664.

Similarly, the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 saw their sales fall. The Wii recorded sales of 33,128 units, compared to 35,755 the week before, while the PS3 reached sales of 8317 units, a drop of over a thousand units from last week's result of 9775.

PlayStation 2 sales also fell to 7948 units, from 8810, and the Xbox 360 fell to 1044 units, from 3124 the previous week.

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