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Japan to get 3D PlayStation 3 content June 10

WipEout and Super Stardust free, Pain to cost for 3D update

Sony will launch its first 3D-enabled games for PlayStation 3 on June 10 in Japan.

WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD and Pain will be the first games to officially receive the 3D treatment, which requires a 3D-capable television and powered stereoscopic glasses.

WipEout and Stardust will receive free updates, while Pain will require a ¥300 ($3.20) paid upgrade. It remains to be seen which of these business models Sony will pursue for future 3D updates.

The June 10 release is currently for Japan only, though Sony has told gaming blog Kotaku that details of the North America and European launch will come "shortly." It is possible this will be part of Sony's E3 reveal later this month.

The Japanese release is timed to coincide with the arrival of Sony's first 3D-enabled Bravia TVs. For a short period, purchasers of an LX900, HX900 or HX800-series Bravia will be given a code entitling them to free downloads of the 3D launch titles, as well as early access to the demo of 3D Motorstorm 2.

It is unlikely that the first wave of 3D games will require a signficiant new firmware update, as Sony has previously readied PS3s for stereoscopic 3D with April's 3.30 firmware.

Sony will also be further updating its console to support playback of 3D Blu-ray movies (3DBD) later this year, according to online reports.


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