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Jade Empire delayed by a month in North America

Xbox-exclusive RPG Jade Empire has been delayed by a month in North America, according to the latest changes to major retailer EBGames' release schedule, and will now ship alongside a special limited edition version.

The Bioware-developed title is one of the most eagerly anticipated games on the Xbox, and marks a departure from the company's normal style of gameplay by veering into action RPG territory with multiple martial arts styles to learn.

According to EBGames, the game will now arrive on April 26th, a month later than originally planned, and will be offered in two versions - with a limited edition version set to feature an extra character and combat style, as well as the obligatory nicer box.

The European release date for the game has yet to be decided, but according to a Microsoft representative, the title is still on track to arrive here in Q2 2005.

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