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Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club

Detective game launched on the App Store.

Previously announced detective game has finally become available to the excitement of fans all over the world eager to become famous detectives! In Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club it is your mission to assist a pair of young detectives in solving randomly generated mystery cases. Your mission, as an assisting, aspiring detective, is to examine objects, locate potential murder weapons and interrogate characters you come across on your adventure. As you examine items and interact with the games characters, you gather enough information and clues about the murderer’s whereabouts, and eventually enough evidence to determine who killed the victim!

Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club features a number of mini-games that will unveil new clues and objects helping you on your quest. Mini-games are action based, memory based or observation based. The initial release of Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club features nine mini-games, three from each category. No detective is ever successful without the newest technology and thankfully you have at your disposal a PDA that will help you clue together information through a number of applications that help you keep organized and keep track of your progress.

Because of Open Feint support, this fun and challenging adventure enables you to unlock achievements, have in-game chat, and features networking with Facebook & Twitter updates! The game has been localized into five languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English) and is fully compatible with Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch.

For more information about Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club, please visit www.maxmars.it/MaxMars/MFC-EN.html, where you will find additional screenshots, in-depth storyline and access to videos. Additional information can be obtained by contacting info@maxmars.it. Journalists are welcome to request review code by contacting press@indiedeveloperconsulting.com.

The game is available for purchase on the AppStore by following this link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jacques-stellas-mystery-files/id340095009?mt=8

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