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New brand from Spanish publisher Zed aims at social media gaming.

·         The company begins its business activity in social gaming with the IZ stamp which it is going to put the highest European studio of social gaming in motion.

·         The brand has an initial investment of 10 million dollars and a professional  teamwork of 300 staffs from four differents countries, who are dedicated just to social media gaming.

Thursday, november 11 th of 2010. Zed, a spanish global cross platform publisher of digital content & entertainment for digital networks, has announce its entrance in the social gaming business with the iZ presentation, brand which its has created the highest European studio of social gaming which it will develop the most innovate tittles within this area.

The new business unit was born with the objective to become the top social games developer in Europe, and be between the 5 highest companies in terms of number of worldwide players. At the moment, it has already created the highest studio in the continent in terms of resources, with more than 300 professionals designers within the world of design, development and marketing, and an initial investment of 10 million dollar, according to the amounts that the president and CEO of Zed, Javier Pérez Dolset, said.

According to the chairman of the company “ with this Project we expect to create games which go beyond than others actually ones, including news have not yet seen on the market as well its visual quality as its platform integration”. To achieve it, according to Pérez Dolset, “we are approaching all our resources, as well humans as marketing ones to this business unit, because we believe Zed is social by nature”.

iZ is a step ahead in the Zed´s goal is to be the global leader in the creation, delivery and marketing of digital content and entertainment for digital networks.

The two first tittles under “iZ” stamp

Zed has already presented the two first games result of the business actions putting in motion under iZ brand. The first one, Ingenius, reached in few weeks 500.000 Facebook gamers, coming from markets like USA, Russia, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina or UK. This tittle, Which analyze the memory , the perception, the calculation and logic, allows to the users share them results with others friends while they discover who have the most brilliant minds through InGenius level.

The second tittle is Sport City, a manager to social media where all the gamers will compete with them friends to be the best sport managing. The player should manage the develop and evolution of his own club, through new sports kinds and game lands (courts and stadiums), and by means of strategies decisions like to extend them installations or add new provides assignment to them  entity.

The company has provided present new tittles before the end of the year and it will develop its games to making the best of its competitive advantages: global presence which allows the relation with social media locally implemented in key markets and cell experience and knowledge like interaction and monetization platform.

About iZ

iZ is the brand which Zed release to the market its social games department for all social media. Loyal to its social concept of videogames, has concentrated all the artistic quality and creative talent from the creator of Planet 51 (distributed in 170 countries) in the development, next to the technological ability in internet and the leadership in the Zed cell mobile contains area and all the Pyro games experience (commandos series creator, top seller in 25 countries). The products created by iZ suppose a pioneering vision in social games, and a step ahead in the Zed´s definition: to be a global leader in the creation, distribution and marketing of digital entertainment contents multiplatform.

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José Antonio Calvo

Zed Press Office

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