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I've not left Revolution - Cecil

Revolution boss Charles Cecil has confirmed that he is very much still part of the York-based developer, despite his collaboration on The Collective's forthcoming title The Da Vinci Code.

"To clarify any misunderstanding, I have not moved to LA to join The Collective," he told our sister site Eurogamer.net this morning.

"Indeed, rather than non-stop partying in Hollywood with celebrities like the delightful Audrey Tautou (who plays female cryptologist Sophie Neveu), I am very much still at Revolution Software in York," Cecil quipped.

"My role on the Da Vinci Code has been as a consultant," he said, "and it's a project I'm delighted to be involved with. It's given me the opportunity to work with many people in the film and video games industry that I respect."

Meanwhile, Cecil added that he is also working on Broken Sword 4, which he said is "progressing extremely well," and said more news on the latest instalment of the series would be coming "soon".

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