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itsmy Game World survey

45% using two different devices for social gaming.

·        45% of gamers in the US and Europe use two different devices for playing the same mobile web games

·        38% use only their mobile device to play social games

·        10% are already playing social games with four or more different devices, like mobile phone, PC, gaming console, tablet or TV

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO itsmy “2011 will be the year of cross device and browser gaming. The mobile phone is still the first device to play our social games, but netbooks, gaming consoles, iPods and tablets are catching up rapidly. And for the first time we have Internet TV showing up in the gaming statistics.”

Jukka Saarelainen, CTO itsmy “With our sophisticated gaming platform we can meet the customers’ demand to play the same social games with the favored device and internet browser of the moment without any limitations of the game play or available features.”


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About itsmy

itsmy is a developer of mobile social games and a worldwide gaming network with integrated virtual goods system. itsmy offers 100+ free to play games in the mobile web with a single sign-on across all internet devices. The mobile games are daily played by gamers from 80+ countries in the mobile web on itsmy and Facebook®

The itsmy across-all-devices mobile web game platform supports 10,000+ different devices and mobile phones as well as HTML5, WebApps and Apps for all major platforms; it grants touchscreen phones a fantastic gaming experience.  The mobile social game catalogue includes: Celebrity Fame Game 1+2, Criminal Pizza, Love Hating Squirrels, The Cowsnatchers Trilogy. itsmy adds new games to its network weekly.

itsmy is a brand of Gofresh GmbH (Munich/Germany)

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Phone: +49 89 62303737 Online: www.gofreshgroup.com; www.itsmy.com

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Gofresh GmbH - Amtsgericht München - HRB 146475

Managing Directors: Antonio Staybl, Jukka Saarelainen, Sabine Irrgang  

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