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CEO comes to 12 conclusions on mobile gaming.

Last week’s Game Developer Conference in San Francisco brought together the world’s leading mobile game developers, studios and publishers on itsmy's booth.

Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of itsmy, has drawn 12 conclusions for mobile social browser gaming from all the feedback itsmy got during GDC 2011:

1. With a “mobile first” approach to developing browser games, developers are easily able to scale the support of platforms to PCs, tablets, consoles and TVs

2. Browser game development is made on an open platform with open standards

3. Instead of developing various games for various platforms, mobile web allows one development for cross-platform usage

4. Publishing time for mobile web games is the developers choice and can be within minutes, for Apps it is days, weeks or maybe never?

5. Updates and changes are possible any time on-the-fly, for Apps you have to follow the procedure, wait - and hope!

6. For mobile browser games and virtual currency you can select the preferred payment partner and pricing as well as integrate as many methods as needed

7. The progress of mobile browser technology is enabling new gaming options and features like HTML5, jQuery, location, video, audio, 3D with each new release

8. Developers and studios can make their own choice about publishing and distribution

9. Publishers and distributors are back in the business of generating cash through mobile web games

10. Gamers can play their favorite games with different devices: mobile phone, consoles, PC etc. And a recent study from itsmy showed that 62% of social gamers on itsmy use more than one device for playing mobile brwoser games

11. Social gaming is cross platform gaming, because people want to play with all their friends without being limited by the platform, device or game source.

12. The market situation: There are ten thousands of great games in the App stores, compared to hundreds of excellent mobile browser games.

Antonio Vince Staybl's Conclusion: "If you decide to develop games for mobile web, you are under full control of your game project all the time. This means: More partners, more customers, more cash. Or in short: You are the boss again."

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