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Its "Hello, Sailor" For Adventure Gamers This Summer

First-ever adventure convention to celebrate 30 Years of Zork & 20 Years of Leisure Suit Larry at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas

February 28th, 2007

For Immediate Release

(LAS VEGAS, Nevada) Before there was Sam & Max, Broken Sword or even Myst there was Colossal Cave Adventure, Adventureland, Leisure Suit Larry and, most famous of all, Zork.

AdventureCon 2007 in Las Vegas will celebrate thirty years of adventure game fun and entertainment with 10,000 square feet of wall-to-wall fun catering to every kind of adventure game fan.

"AdventureCon isn't just a Zork Festival," according to Howard Sherman, Chairman & CEO of text adventure game publisher Malinche Entertainment and AdventureCon co-founder. "Although, initially, the vision was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Zork, it quickly grew into an expansive event encompassing the entire adventure game universe."

"This is a fantastic opportunity for the world-wide adventure community to show its support for gaming's oldest and most popular genre," says Randy Sluganski, owner of Just Adventure, the Internet's most popular adventure game site and other AdventureCon co-founder.

Confirmed guests of honor- with more yet to be announced - include:

Legendary Scott Adams of Adventure International, the first person to publish an adventure game on a home computer. Scott is widely regarded as the man who single-handedly created the multi-billon dollar videogame industry that exists today.

Adventure game veteran Al Lowe of Sierra On-Line, creator of the ever-popular Leisure Suit Larry adventure game series that is still alive and kicking today, twenty years later, with new Leisure Suit Larry games playable on modern computers and even cell phones.

Jane Jensen, author and creator of the legendary Gabriel Knight computer game series. Jane is also one of the co-founders of Oberon Media where she developed the popular casual games Inspector Parker and BeTrapped! She is currently putting the finishing touches on her newest computer game, Gray Matter.

AdventureCon attendees can look forward to two days of adventure from morning until night with adventure game workshops, guest speakers, panel discussions, and the Zork room. Last but not least, the exhibit hall is a must-see for adventurers looking to explore the latest offerings from adventure game publishers.

AdventureCon will be held on August 28th and August 29th, 2007 at the world-famous Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.

Attendees and exhibitors who register early can take advantage of special discount packages that are only available in limited quantities.

The Official AdventureCon website: http://www.adventurecon.org

To schedule an interview with Scott Adams, Al Lowe, Howard Sherman or other honored guests please contact Howard Sherman @ 877-299-7999 or email howard@malinche.net

About Malinche Entertainment

Launched in 2002, Malinche Entertainment is the world's only publisher of text adventure games (also known as interactive fiction). Faithfully continuing the legendary Infocom tradition, Malinche's published adventure games include First Light, Greystone, Endgame, The First Mile with two more games slated for release this summer.

Visit Malinche online at http://www.malinche.net. Howard can be reached at (877)-299-7999 or at howard@malinche.net

About Just Adventure

Just Adventure is the Internet's largest and most-visited adventure game website. Owner/Editor Randy Sluganski and a staff comprised of the industry's foremost adventure game experts have been providing exclusive interviews, previews and adventure game news for almost nine years,

Just Adventure has been profiled in numerous industry magazines and major news publications including USA Today and the New York Times. Randy has appeared on numerous radio shows promoting the adventure genre, been interviewed by publications across Europe and has written over 30 published strategy guides.

Just Adventure can be visited at http://www.justadventure.com and you can email Randy Sluganski RandyJA@justadventure.com.

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