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It’s back to the battlefield with the massive content upgrade for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II - now available to download!

5 new multiplayer modes, 12 new maps and more!

Now available from

Call in the reinforcements as Codemasters releases a huge content upgrade for Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, the smash hit PC game of the summer.

Expanding Soldiers' gameplay massively and adding new versus multiplayer combat modes and maps, the content upgrade is now available as a free download from

In addition to the Deathmatch and King of the Hill combat modes, new team-based multiplayer modes include Assault, Battle Zones and Escort.

In Assault one team must hold an area, creating sniping points, laying mines and other defensives while the opposing team must infiltrate and eliminate the opposition.

Take to the battleground in Battle Zones and your team's objective is to capture strategically placed flag zones to rack up points, which contribute to a final winning total.

However, the zones can be retaken so you need to weigh up the benefits of defending a few zones or trying to take them all over, the downside being that you're spread out.

Alternatively, try safeguarding a convoy of trucks in the Escort multiplayer mode. The defending team, armed with infantry and vehicles, must attempt to get their trucks from one side of the map to the other. However, be prepared because the attacking team, which only has access to infantry units, are tasked with stopping the defenders using a host of sneaky ambush tactics, such as sniping placements, mine laying, and setting up machineguns at choke points.

And if you're eager to try your tactics in new environments, the upgrade features 12 brand new multiplayer combat maps, including Forest, Island, Trench, Port and Village, new units for Allied, Russian and German troops plus a host of technical and gameplay enhancements (see Notes for details).

Delivering the thrills of a 3D shooter and the depth of a real-time strategy game, steel your nerves for the latest versus multiplayer games with the new Soldiers content upgrade now available from

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The Soldiers Content Upgrade requires full version of the game to run, all previous updates installed.

The Soldiers content upgrade includes:

12 new multiplayer combat maps: Depot, Forrest, Hunting, Island, Monastery, Port, Radar, Station, Sawmill, Suburb, Trench, Village.

Examples of new units for multiplayer

Allied: Crusader British tank, M36 Slugger, M4A3 Calliope, M26 Pershing

Russian: T34 Mine Clearer, KV-2, IS-2, ISU-152

German: PZ 4D Mine Clearer, Jagdpanther, Ferdinand, Panzerwerfer 42

Examples of technical and gameplay enhancements:

Improved inventory sorting

Equip / search / pick up / use - all while lying prone

Units now have weapon specialisations (visible on HUD)

New rocket launcher trail physics and balancing

Ability to place marker points in multiplayer to aid communication

Brand new buy dialogue, command points and money system for multiplayer

Grenade throwing speed increase

Ability to melee attack units that are on the floor

Bazooka infantry can run whilst bazooka equipped

Mines will now go off from nearby explosions

Mine detector works by just equipping

Items in shallow water can now be retrieved

Enable Fog of War in single player

Server browsing support

Various levels of game speed


With intense wartime scenarios where bold decisions and reckless heroics are the order of the day, Soldiers drops you into the heart of the most incredible WWII battlefields where your crack squad of commandos are up against overwhelming odds. Using stealth, guile, speed and aggression, missions involve blowing railway tracks, kidnapping enemy officers, and destroying convoys with most of the action taking place behind enemy lines! Soldiers lets you command troops by either using group-control RTS style point-and-click commands or you can go right into the thick of the action with Direct Control, which enables you to take control of individual soldiers and vehicles to take out specific enemy targets. Developed by Ukrainian company Best Way, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II is now available for PC.

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