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Physics-based motorbike tricks yours for 59p.


iTrials for all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch is a full 3D, true physics motorbike trials game. Wheelie, jump and loop-the-loop through 27 fun and challenging levels packed with dynamic obstacles, moving platforms, seesaws & more.

Climb steep slopes & negotiate tricky obstacles in true physics - you're not just limited to driving over a terrain!

Earn awards for completing stages & compare your times with friends or the rest of the world with Agon Online Leaderboards.

Show off your achievments to friends by posting to facebook or twitter.


• 3D true physics environment.

• 27 fun and challenging levels with 3 stages of difficulty.

• Stages & Levels unlock as you progress.

• Intuitive controls.

• Waypoints let you keep retrying the level so you can get used to the obstacles without starting over.

• Ragdoll collisions.

• Working bike shocks.

• Leaning controls your rider's position.

• Location aware scores

• Awards system

• Friends lists

• Persistent player profile

• Facebook & Twitter integration, show off achievments to your friends.

• Compete to be the fastest rider in the world using Agon Online Leaderboards.

• Free updates.

• Compatible with firmware 3.0 or higher.

Grab a copy while you can for only 59p (introductory offer for a limited time only !!)

** More levels to come with free updates! **



by rotstik on Oct 20, 2010

5 stars

This is by far the closest we've seen to Trials HD on idevice. Physics and level design are great, as is the audio design.

Anyone looking for the best trials bike game on the market should grab this now.



by Soloistshred on Oct 19, 2010

5 stars

Pretty much like trials hd for xbox worth the buck that's for sure.


Check out the gameplay video at

** More levels to come with free updates! **

Grab a copy of iTrials from the App Store now!  

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