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By Eliah Holiday

Most gamers have at least a few games in their collection which they are no longer interested in playing. Your options up until now have been either to let the games gather dust or to go to a retail store like EB Games or Gamestop and trade in those games for store credit and/or cash. Unfortunately, even with newer titles, the amount offered by these stores in trade for those used video games is often minuscule, some may say shockingly so. is hoping to change all that with their online video game trading service. The website gives gamers the chance to sell their used games to other gamers for about the same price video game retailers would sell them for as oppose to what those stores would buy them off you for.

Here's how it works. Let's say you've finally tired of your copy of Conker Reloaded and wish to sell it. You also happen to be looking for a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 to purchase. Head over to the website, register yourself and then choose the games you have available via the sites easy online account set up process. At the same time you can also make a wish list of games you'd like to purchase from other members off the site.

Games are purchased on by members using the website's internal banking system known as iBucks. iBucks can be purchased via PayPal or Credit Card through a secure online application at the cost of $1.00 per one iBuck. You can also get iBucks by selling your games on the website. When someone wants to buy your game they make a purchase request to you. If you accept the request iBucks are then subtracted from their account and deposited to your iBuck account. A small transaction fee is only paid by the buyer in the form of iTrades. One iTrade can be purchased on the website for $1.00 which is also the cost of one purchase transaction. Once a game trade has been initiated and accepted by both parties it is up to the seller to arrange shipping to the buyer.

Of course with any online transaction there is a certain amount of risk. The site hopes to encourage good trading practices by giving buyers and sellers a chance to rate and leave feedback on fellow members much way it is currently done on ebay. Members with positive feedback and high ratings will be able to continue using the website to great benefit while members who choose to abuse the system will soon find themselves left out in the cold. In addition to the feedback system members are also encouraged to add members to their friends list to help build a community between upstanding traders. Finally itradevideogames intends to implement Buyers Insurance in the next few days to further help protect it's members.

Some of the many great features of include:

- Internal e-mail system between traders

- Buddy list, you can add people you frequently trade with to this list thus being able to see what they have to offer for trade.- Internal game portfolio, with real time retail market pricing for each game

- Top ten most popular traded game list

- Top ten requested game list

- Internal rating system for traders

- Feedback messaging system

- At-a-glance account status (itrade bucks and itrades)

- Game condition rating

- Trading history

- My request list ( show's games listed here once they become available)

- Pending trades listing (shows games on route to you)

With a growing number of gamers looking to trade in their stock of video games for ones they've yet to play is perhaps the best deal out there.

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